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Nai Udaan- is an Indian NGO that works to safeguard the rights of underprivileged children and women. NU works on educating children, making them aware of their basic rights and helping women to earn, making them realise their actual potential.This Website will help you get the deeper description of our work. Explore it to know our contribution towards society on the way to building a happier tomorrow for those who need us. Your support is important to us and will help us in bringing a lasting change.

Child Education

Education is a gift for life. We help children reach school and stay there. We help children unlock their potential and realize their dreams. We believe that every child is extraordinary and can scale great heights if provided with the right learning opportunities.With regular and generous contributions from our supporters, we are able to march steadily towards achieving these goals.

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment refers to increasing the economic, political, social, educational or spiritual strength of an entity or entities. Women employment is the key and the most essential element which directly influences a women’s empowerment. Employment gives the girl's confidence and her status as financial contributor gets a say in the family and her decision is valued.Empowerment means marginalizing power in women & Girls

Safe Daughter

With girls expected to help with household work and take care of younger siblings, the rural gender gap in female and male equality becomes more pronounced as girls underperform in school. Providing holistic and quality education to the girls of India can make them capable of being skilled workers and employees when they grow up. The safety of children is potentially at risk from accidents and injuries, as well as crime.

Our Mission And Vision

Our Vision

A happy and healthy child whose rights are protected in the society and who is getting basic education, healthy meals. A child who knows how to protect himself/herself and who can raise voice for dignity or against any violence. A women who independent, powerful- financially and mentally. A woman who can take care of her children making them independent. There should be equality for all irrespective of caste, creed, sex, colour, faith.

Our Mission

To enable Children and women to take responsibility as per the situations. To spread awareness and to motivate people to seek resolution about any calamity individually or by taking collective action thereby enabling children and women to realise their full potential. To make children realize their potential to achieve and transform. To give maximum children a movement to happiness to laugh and cherish freely. To make children and their parents realise the value and power of education. To help women to earn and making them self-sufficient by giving them a technical education. “Adopt highest standards of governance to emerge as a leading knowledge and technology driven, innovative and scalable international development organisation”

Featured Project

Goal of Future Project

We have referred various students to industrial training institute after Secondary school certificate. Many students got the jobs at local industrial zone with the support of institute.

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